How to Get Rich and Famous
How to Get Rich and Famous
How to Get Rich and Famous
How to Get Rich and Famous
How to Get Rich and Famous
How to Get Rich and Famous
How to Get Rich and Famous
How to Get Rich and Famous

How to Get Rich and Famous

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“You have the spiritual and philosophical contexts, the compelling rational arguments, and then practical tips!“ Peter Koenig

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Everybody wants to be rich and famous. That’s understandable. But we can’t all be at the top of the pyramid. So if our hierarchy of power doesn’t work, how can we all be rich and famous? Can we all be rich and famous?  Yes.

This book is will help you understand the nature of the system we live in and envision a path to a more creative, fulfilling, life.  Stepping back to expand your perspective reveals your own untapped potential.  How to Get Rich and Famous expands your perspective, explores the consequences of contemporary behaviour as a society and as individuals, and offers proven techniques for balancing life and work through liberating your potential.

The author's personal experience of living and working at the cutting edge of organisational behaviour, sustainable systems and human psychology inform an expansive review of rapidly emerging trends and opportunities.

Outline: The first part of the story describes a big picture perspective of the world we live in today and our relationship with it. It discusses the deeply human emotion of love, our expectations for success, the way we interpret our society and how we affect it through what we say and do.

Then, after a pause to reflect on that picture, which makes us think about our world, the story continues and discusses the power you have to change the world. Changing your mind is key and the first step is awareness of you, your community and the world.

The story winds down with some suggestions about what you can do, although by the end you will have started to realise the choices you can make and the new course your life can take.

The book is full of colour illustrations to evoke and explain ideas.

The paperback version has been beautifully printed by Digital Outputs, a family business near Kilkenny, Ireland. 

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