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Big Picture Videos

All is One - The Wombat .swf (1.4MB)

An Extraordinary Moment - Global Community .swf (6 MB)

The Meatrix - a short cartoon about industrial livestock production.

Linux Space Commander - funny take on linux

Prince of Peace by Galliano with UN and Astraea photos. Regular size 20MB, Tiny size 5MB - both wmv.

What The Bleep Do We Know ?! avi format

An Inconvenient Truth avi format

Eric Pritz and Pink Floyd - a new education avi format

The Future of Food avi format

Loose Change 2nd Edition avi format

Peace Propaganda and The Promised Land avi format

Noam Chomsky discusses media distortion avi format

The Corporation avi format

South Park - the truth911.org episode avi format

Sarah McGlaughlin World on Fire - great music video mov format

Audio only

John Lennon - imagine all the people, living as one ...

Chumbawumba - Not in my name

Galliano - New World Order

Martin Luther King - I have a Dream

Acid jazz starter kit.


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