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Peace, or War and Terrorism

You will see a pattern emerge scrolling down this page which has been built intermittently since 2001. The original innocuous page title, has become more poignant.

June 2006. Its been going on a long time. Destruction continues.

John and Yoko's wish for peace - click here

The Third World War...

initiated 19 March 2003 without United Nations sanction
* please check the news *
From The Economist: After much diplomatic wrangling, the UN Security Council approved a strongly worded resolution calling on Mr Hussein to allow unconditional weapons inspections. Mr Hussein accepted, and inspectors began work in November 2002. But America and Britain concluded that he was defying the Security Council, and despite objections from France and others, launched a war on March 20th.

Noam Chomsky on the Iraq War

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Alan Kay - War on Terrorism: We've Been This Way Before

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An Immoral and Illegal War by Robin C. Miller, Dissident Voice March 6, 2003

Marine reserve is first conscientious objector 1 April 2003

Commentary from Astraea ...

A year on and life in Iraq is not great. Conflict continues, even if it is only guerilla fighting and terrorism. Soldiers and civilians are dying.

At first one could take sides and cast blame. Now it is everyone's problem. And finding a solution is not easy. We can only hope that by virtuous accident we will manage to reduce the violence. Humanity's record suggests that we will allow trouble to fester and neglect the suffering of all concerned with Iraq because it can just be added to the list of global problems.

But even if you do nothing to alleviate the problems there, at least keep in mind the people of all shades that are suffering there.

The end of the war looms.  Thankfully.

Our optimism that fairness will prevail is tempered by the evidence of a great wound in humanity:  "It is only the thieves and the looters who are celebrating," said one Islamist lawyer in Cairo. "The Americans have gobbled up an Arab country before our very eyes," he said. 9 April 2003, BBC

Now is the time for everyone to prove their good intentions and bring in the UN and the World Bank to decide what to do about socio-economic development and financing it. Let's do the right thing the right way, now, please.

The War is on.

ProWar or NoWar: If the world does want to vest responsiblility for Iraq's resources in someone other than Saddam Hussein, the UN is the appropriate manager of that objective.  It is the powerful nations of the world that can help the UN work; their unwillingness to share resources smacks of empire building and totalitarianism.

The irony of G. Bush, US President, confusing religious objectives with professional responsibilities in order to justify unilateral invasion unsanctioned by popular mandate hits intelligent observers in the gut. Everyday another child or mother dies, just like yours, but there not here.

Bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity (please excuse the vividness of the expression used to match the viciousness of war).  Parents know that beating a child does not teach the child anything other than using violence as a solution.  Intelligent solutions are available to civilised society.

And if military action is to be executed, Astraea does not see any benefit in another violent state accruing control. A shared solution is required for sustainable success. Development must be managed in a globally responsible way.

We salute the many individuals around the world who havce calmly expressed peacful sentiment and intelligent solutions, particularly those in America, were many of us live.


On 19 March 2003, world leading nations invaded Iraq without the United Nations instigating the action. Whatever noble objectives are achieved by this action, the approach is embarrassing.

The United Nations grew from two world wars in the last century and was nurtured by great intellect and care to build a cooperative global geopolitical management system so that humanity does not act only with passion and pride, but without intellect and care.

Let's hope this war is stopped soon and peaceful resolutions are found by humanity.

This is a hydrigen bomb.  The test explosion in the 1950s destroyed an island, completely.
The small mushroom cloud at the bottom of the picture is suposed to approximate the size of the nuclear cloud left when Nagasaki and Hioshima were bombed.

Iraq: 1990 oil, 2003 oil. But humanity does not want a violent solution to bad behaviour.

20010911: The original principle protagonists are Afghanistan, USA and the terrorist community described as the al-Quaeda network. But all nations are involved, particularly through the United Nations and all people are affected by its consequences (it is permanently in the news, i.e. not "news" but always important). And we may all be involved sooner by voluntarily changing consumption patterns, or later because the war is consuming and destroying global resources at a suicidal rate.

Comment by Tamin Ansary,
Afghan resident of USA 13/9/01

Dark implications highlighted by 20010911

FEER interview with Arundati Roy, leading novelist.

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