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We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thought. With our thoughts, we make our world.

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Business Mentoring
Personal Coaching

Grow your business and your self with our help.

We provide specialised professional advice and guidance on issues ranging from solving business problems and sustainable business management to eco-living, health and happiness. Our holonic approach gives you a full spectrum of technology and training, integrating the demands of work and business with the opportunities life offers. Our miodular approach means that you can enjoy a brief consultation, a project engagement, or even full immersion in business reengineering or a personal retreat.

Business: Start-up, turn around or problem solving, Tom will save you time and money by identifying solutions and guiding their implementation. He will train and coach exectives who benefit from his decades of experience working with CEOs and managers. Extensive work with small and medium sized business brings a full spectrum of buisiness skills and successful trouble shooting to your service. Working with venture capital and family business gives clients access to more than just corporate business excellence.

universal woManPersonal: Business solutions are often partly found in personal change and growth. This can be technical skills such as business finance and accounting, marketing management, or capital raising. Often personal aptitudes and self-management are key to releasing personal and business potential. We facilitate and accelerate personal development of both business and lifestyle management.

Download an introductory brochure here (pdf).

Read a bit about the principals, Tom and Pam, here.

We help you take the risk out of changing your life.

Work through business issues or changing your life before you invest in dead end solutions. Discuss your plans in a private setting with an experienced business doctor, finacial expert and change manager. Understand the pros and cons of business solutions or the benefits of changing your lifestyle. Find our what's possible, learn what works and what doesn't.

Technologies we employ may include: intellectual profile, emotional profile, yoga, CBT, nutritional profiling, holonic profiling, chakra science, sound and aroma therapy, living skills, financial engineering, business due diligence, financial analysis, economic training and more.

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    Ireland  +353 (0)59 9155037  or + 353 (0)86 8179238
    UK  + 44 (0)20 8133 7898
    USA +1 215 586-3588
    Hong Kong +852 8197 8068

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    Email:               info @ astraea.net
    Post:                Ballin Temple, Ardattin, Carlow, Ireland

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