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Carbon Offsetting

You can have a zero carbon lifestyle.

Its cheap and easy too.

Simply ask us to plant trees for you.

An average person would contribute about one tonne of carbon a year and estimates of the requirement to offset a tonne of carbon are one established tree.

So plant at least one tree per person per year.

We suggest that you plant two, because they are small when they are young and do not always establish well.

Also, plant extras if you travel alot, especially by plane.

We only charge € 10 per tree.  (And will give you a good discount if you want to plant 50 or more.) The trees are planted in a nature sanctuary, Ballin Temple, which has special areas of conservation and ancient woodland. Your trees will be planted as an extension to the existing woodlands.

So, let's say you travel regularly for work and you have a family of four.  You could plant 12 trees a year for a cost of only € 120 and have a ZERO CARBON LIFE.

Now that would be cool.

Give us a call on +353 (0)59 9155037 or send an email and we'll help you start to cool the planet.

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