Astraea helps people liberate potential in their work and personal lives.  Investment and financial advice is available as appropriate.

Vitruvian MansmallParticular value is gained in one-on-one engagements in which sensitive issues can be addressed openly.  Similarly, our experience in advising on family issues and organisation culture fills gaps normally ignored in personal and business development.

Success is catalysed using whole systems technology and the holonic model of life, which we've been developing since 1999.  Personal coaching accelerates acquisition of aptitudes which enable broader strategic perspective, insightful risk awareness, enhanced personal health and relationships and improved return on investment.

Our specialisation is synthesising competing objectives to guide strategy and policy and develop internal skills to enable whole system change. We integrate economic, situational and personal perspectives to resolve tensions felt by individuals and teams.  We go beyond traditional strategic imperatives, integrating operating disciplines with flexibility and adaptability. We design organisation structures to align stakeholder priorities. We communicate with widely differing communities delivering comprehensive perspectives to open unexplored opportunities.

Techniques employed include open-space, biomimicry, parallel decision making, triple-bottom-line analysis and scenario forecasting. as an information portal for whole systems thinking making the technology widely accessible.  The whole systems approach goes far beyond "sustainability" which is a minimum requirement for any system, liberating holonic potential in people and organisations.  Please browse the site or see our books for more on the approach.

Please contact Tom or Pam to discuss how we can help.