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  1. Hay Day - Sunday 22 June at Ballin Temple Nature Club
    Sent June 17th 2014

    Hay Day - Sunday 22 June at Ballin Temple Nature Club Hay Day! We're having a farm walk on Sunday 22nd June from 2.30 in the afternoon. Please join us to chat about growing grass and our approach to sustainable growing. We started with a plan to grow wi...

  2. BT Notes - Picnic and look at "sustainable living" this weekend.
    Sent May 2nd 2014

    BT Notes - Picnic and look at "sustainable living" this weekend. It's been a mad month as we tried to sow a meadow and so spent Easter picking stones. Now, picking stones from a field might seem like drudgery, and it s hard, but it has a therapeutic elem...

  3. BT - Notes From The Edge - Spring has sprung
    Sent March 26th 2014

    BT - Notes From The Edge - Spring has sprung Spring has sprung (in the northern hemisphere). Even though you can't quite tell when the equinox occurs, the calendar reminds us of the solar cycle - equinox and solstice alternating about the 21st of every t...

  4. BT Notes - Hello again :-)
    Sent October 11th 2013

    BT Notes - Hello again :-) It's been a while since we've said hello. "Hello!" We are getting by at the edge of civilisation, though civilisation is trying to take us over. It's very disconcerting - I might have to put on a tie ... Oh NO! Until that happe...

  5. BT Notes: Picnic in the bluebell woods
    Sent May 25th 2012

    BT Notes: Picnic in the bluebell woods There was a passionate response after the last BT Notes. About ten people commented. Thank you for the feedback. It was not intended to depress or anger ... I'll try to keep opinions to the blog and news to the news...

  6. BT Notes: Escaping to the woods ...
    Sent April 4th 2012

    BT Notes: Escaping to the woods ... *Escaping to the woods ... and getting out of the wood*s. I've been feeling an urge to share thoughts with you for a few weeks now. Once upon a time we sent out BT Notes regularly, but the last one was a year and a ha...

  7. Walk in The Woods - today 2pm at BallinTemple
    Sent December 29th 2010

    A quick reminder, for those brave enough to emerge from their christmas burrow ... Our Walk in the Woods is today 29 December, at 2pm in front of the house. (Wellies essential.) Refreshments afterwards. Looking forward to seeing you all! Tom ...

  8. BT Notes - it's all about food
    Sent September 28th 2010

    BT Notes - it's all about food It's all about food. Summer was busy because of all the work put in to the garden by our children in spring. And though it is not a commercially viable business in Ireland, growing fruit and vegetables on a small scale as w...

  9. BT Notes - midsummer night's dream
    Sent June 25th 2010

    BT Notes - midsummer night's dream It's a midsummer nights dream. We dare not mention that we want change because we love the sun. The lack of rain is great for weeding. May is a good month to weed because most plants have not yet seeded. June isn't bad ...

  10. BT Notes - Spring!
    Sent March 23rd 2010

    BT Notes - Spring! Nearly every day reflections about things to say in this newsletter occur to me. But I find myself busy and so procrastinate another day. As the days grow longer important changes take place in home and garden - the heating bill goes d...

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