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The Lindisfarne Painting Book


Symmetry Patterns

An excellent tool for Geometry lessons!

For the Love of Literature
Written by Waldorf Teachers & Experts


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Lessons on Line


The basic Waldorf curriculum outline follows. Remember, there are several "basics" which are a part of the ongoing curriculum. These are: Language Arts, Reading, Drawing and Painting, Music, Traditional Crafts and Handwork, Nature Study, Eurythmy or Physical Education and Gardening.


have arranged links by subject to many FREE on-line lessons which can now be located in the corresponding pages by grade. Now you can't use a lack of materials to get started!


A good beginning is to really understand how Waldorf Education Develops the Fundamental Capacities of the Child Through the Balance of Subjects. Please read about that by clicking here.


Excellent Article: Main Lesson Block Teaching in the Waldorf School


Grade One: Basic Math Processes, Folk and Fairy Tales, Form Drawing, Nature Stories, Pentatonic Flute, Reading through Writing, Weaving and Knitting


Grade Two: Math Concepts, Multicultural Legends and Animal Fables, Stories of Saintly People, Cursive Writing, Form Drawing, Crocheting, Pentatonic Flute


Grade Three: Fractions, Higher Multiplication, Weights and Measures, Stories of the Jewish Bible/Old Testament, Creation Stories, Composition and Grammar, Farming, Clothing and Textile Crafts, House Building, Reading Music, Diatonic Flute


Grade Four: Fractions and Decimals, Local Geography, Native American Studies, Norse Mythology, Regional History, Zoology, Musical Composition, Violin/String Instruments


Grade Five: Decimals, Agriculture and Economics Zoology, Classics, Persian, Indian, and Egyptian history, Greek History, Literature, Sentence Structure, Botany, North American Geography, Knitting/Textile Arts, Woodworking


Grade Six: Astronomy, World Geography, Medieval History, Mineralogy, Latin, Physics, Plane and Constructive Geometry, Roman History


[New!]Learning History in the Waldorf School: A "Virtual Student Exhibit" on a CD
Nearly 70 pages from Waldorf student main lesson books are accompanied by commentary by Eugene Schwartz. This CD is a spectacular demonstration of the caliber of Waldorf student work, and is a valuable resource for teachers, parents and home-schoolers. The CD also includes Eugene's essay, "The Waldorf Approach to History." System requirement: PC with Microsoft Office; access contents on MS Power Point and MS Word. To learn more about Eugene, click here. To order this amazing lecture on Audio/CD, Click here


[New!] Science in the Waldorf School: Grades 4 - 8


The sciences represented in this presentation include: Zoology, Botany, Geology, Astronomy, Physiology, Anatomy, Meteorology, Physics, Chemistry, History of Science, and Geometry in Nature. Although there are excellent books on a number of the individual sciences taught in the Waldorf setting, this is the first attempt, anywhere, to present all of the sciences in one place, and to reveal their deep and artistic interrelationship. This CD will be of great value to prospective parents and veteran parents alike, and a boon to teachers researching the various scientific subjects that they will teach in the grade school years. Over 230 pages from main lesson books, accompanied by thousands of words of explanation and commentary by Eugene Schwartz, appear in vivid color on 170 PowerPoint "slides." To learn more about Eugene, click here. To order this amazing lecture on Audio/CD, Click here


Article By Eugene Schwartz: The Waldorf Curriculum Grades Five through Eight, click here


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As many of you know, watching the TV is not what young children should be doing. For articles and resources for media
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Books for Learning




"The future of our world depends on the education of our children. UBAH delivers educational excellence one book at a time. We provide economic opportunity while fostering strong family values. We touch the lives of children for a lifetime."


To browse through their wonderful books or to visit an online e-show, click here


Interesting Links

Activity Finder (Not Waldorf, but a wonderful resource for when you need a quick project to fill an afternoon - all areas, all ages, excellent!)

[New!]Time is not a line nor an arrow. Time is a frequency - the frequency of synchronicity. Learn about the Mayan Calendar at this site with the BEST explanation we have found yet!

Parental Study: Ancient Greek & Roman Literature, History, Philosophy & Religion


Whidbey Island Waldorf School 8th grade class play, As You Like It, by William Shakespeare - photos!


Geometry Lessons On-Line


Geometry in 2 and 3 Dimensions


The Geometry of the Sphere


Draw Animals from the World of Magic


Homeschool Math


Transforming Family Life and Learning Through Home Schooling


The Eurythmy Mystery Solved!


The Princess & The Woodcutter Story


Parental Study: Science & Mathematics

Projective Geometry ala Steiner

Rudolf Steiner Lecture:
Overcoming Nervousness. January 11, 1912
Get Over Your Nervousness!

History Through Literature: Study Guides

An online game that is a trek through a forest in central Africa. Your guides are four modern African teenagers from different tribes who share their knowledge of the forest with you along the journey to discover "The Ways of the Knowing Trail." You will discover edible plants and insects, ways to make shelter, information about animals that make the forest their home, practical uses for bark and other materials the forest provides, and you will learn about tribal life as well. When you get to the site the game will load and begin automatically. The screen will prompt you to click on the teenage guides or on images on the screen in order to move through the game. It takes a good 20 minutes or so to progress through the whole game, examining all of the features in the forest. So, when you have the time to explore, take the whole family on a virtual visit to Africa. Enjoy! click here

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