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the everlasting misery

by Johnny Couchman

On this planet there are now some six and a half billion people, many simply dying of hunger . At the same time we spend some $ 600 billion each year on ways of killing each other. That amount of money would solve most of the world’s problems .

It is time we did ; we have the knowledge, the brains, the ability but not the will , surely a sad reflection on our claim to be homo sapiens ! It seems odd that failing to fix it is going to rebound on us to such a devastating effect, yet we are determined NOT to do anything about it . The UN you would think would be in to this, but spends it ‘s time licking the power and money crazed American’s boots ( who killed Hariri , etc ). Let us look at two of these problems .

There are two major ones.

Palestine peace and Oil security need to be resolved in a sensible and fair way, The original problem was caused by the Western Powers, Britain and the US by the interference with the Middle East , whether in Iran with the deposing of Mossadeq and the installation of a puppet Shah, the son of a corporal in the old Shah’s army, or the splitting up of the Ottoman Empire in the area with the creation of two kingdoms Transjordan and Iraq with the sons of the Sherif of Mecca as rulers . Later, after the second war, the imposition of a Jewish land on top of the indigenous Palestinians who along with the Jews are the descendants of the Moabites, Edomites, Canaanites, Sodomites , Philistines, Israelites, and all the Semitic people, now generally known as Arab, that lived there already was never thought out.  The Palestinians were not catered for, nobody cared.

The yearning for a homeland by the Jews is totally understandable, as they have not had a home for a long time . This is why they have accentuated their clothes - black hats and all that ,and why they have clung to their, by now, outdated religious practices, in what is rapidly becoming an homogeneous world order to try to be different ,( like the Shia ,foe example refusing to electrically stun animals before killing them as the Sunni Muslims do ), as they are their only form of identity .

It is hard to put a date in the separation of the Jews from mainstream Semitism, The Egyptian Pharaoh Tuthmoses the third used to hunt elephants on the Orontes in 1400 BCE, and he fought a battle at Kadesh, between the Orontes and the sea , against the Hittites , and had no records of meeting them then. Some hundred and fifty years later Ramesses the second in about 1250 fought the Hittites also at Kadesh ,and on his way there took hostages from all the tribes that inhabited Palestine to secure his supply lines . Their effigies are on the base of his monument at Abu Simbel . There is no evidence of either the Hebrews or the Judeaens in any Egyptian records of the time , or on this monument . The only identifiable people are the Canaanites . As Kantor , the eminent Jewish American historian in ‘The Sacred Chain’ states, all Jewish history pre David (975BCE) is pure myth.

My guess is that the separation started when the Israelite tribe of nomads met the ancient Babylonians , (who succeeded the Assyrians ), and adopted their idea of a monotheistic state religion, logically about 1100 BCE, started by a Persian nobleman called Zoroaster in about 1600 BCE. Intermarriages would , of course have continued between the tribes after that . The independent kingdom of Israel only lasted from about 975 BCE after the collapse of the Hittite Empire, until the Assyrian Empire swept everything away in 925 BCE.  Thereafter all these people, basically nomads, with a few tiny towns (Jerusalem was only half a mile across, and Israel about nine hundred square miles - which does not look much compared with the Assyrian Empire of three million square miles stretching from the Mediterranean to the Indus !) lived in the area together as petty tributary states till the end of the Roman Empire and thereafter just as a free people within the Ottoman Empire. ..Everyone exaggerates their ancestry and the Jews, I suspect, are no exception!

When the British gave the part of Palestine to the Jews they failed to take account of the by now dispossessed Palestinians, so the situation in Palestine today is again because of European interference, and can only be remedied by further outside interference .

I believe the Europeans and Americans should quite simply give Gaza to the Jews and the West Bank to the Palestinians, thus making two ,contiguous, governable states .

The treatment of the Palestinians, who have lost their land through no fault of their own , is the cause celebre for the Muslim world . Sixty per cent of the world’s oil comes from the Arab countries, and apart from the humanitarian side, this precarious oil situation is getting worse as religion is rearing it’s ugly head with American fundamentalist goading . I seem to be knocking the Americans a lot, but they seem slow learners that being a world power has responsibilities rather than opportunities .

If the Palestinians continue to be pressed into ever-decreasing areas ( where is Israel ? ) with an increasing population, with less to eat , less freedom, less hope, less everything, they will come to an explosion, and when that happens we will have a true crisis with their true conditions exposed .

At present, Hamas has been entirely democratically elected by the Palestinians to represent them. Hamas is a political party that wants to represent their people. An enemy of anarchist Al-Kaida .

To sort out Palestine we need a strong leadership on both sides, and as a Mr Halevy, until recently head or Mossad , says Hamas will recognise Israel ( why this obsession with recognition ?)when they sit round a table and recognise each other which seems to me to be reasonable . The problem is that the Israeli politicians are just politicians and want power, unable to see long term , and apparently unable to see the world is getting tired of their antics .

The Israelis want weak Palestinian leadership, Abbas is their man . They do not want Hamas or even Marwan Barghouti ( held in prison indefinitely on false suspicion , but mainly because the Israelis are terrified of a clever opponent dedicated to peaceful Palestinian leadership ) across the table . The Americans follow suit, as their Middle Eastern foreign policy was written for them by the Israeli intelligence services ,the Europeans follow and the money is illegally shut off . This leads to Hamas under pressure and fighting between the factions and presto, the Israelis say they have nobody to talk to, so we will grab half the West Bank anyway .

As the Palestinians muffed it with Yasser Arafat dithering with Barak, so the West is missing a fantastic opportunity with Hamas, whose social services, education and lack of corruption and control ( total Hamas ceasefire for fourteen months ) are outstanding . Of course if they are financially crippled, they will turn to violence, what else can they do ?

Every people want peace and security and freedom . Palestinians, Israelis and all of us. Let us apply some brains and forceful fair solutions or the killing will just go on and on and on.


June 2006


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