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The Future Perfect

Table of contents

balance the future of the worldStart

Background and Introduction

State of the world.

The accident of life...

…has been jeopardised by human behaviour.

The opportunities for earth’s future are dependent on HS choice of consumption pattern.

The global consumption trend must be towards sustainable systems.

Which course is being chosen?

Humans can the change course from natural destruction to interdependence with nature.

Humans may choose to compete and consume, ...

… or choose a cooperative approach to consumption, within nature’s laws.

Natural or Virtual behaviour is your choice.

Consumption decisions will remain the provenance of individuals. A virtual or natural world may be favoured.

Sign of whether homo sapiens wants to live with nature or without nature are all around us.

The trend is to a sustainable model.

Biosphere Management

Biosphere management requires globally responsible cooperative systems.

Starting first with the most limited resources

The technology is in place and entering the mainstream.

HS must adapt behaviour to be cooperative.

Politics and Economics 101

The noosphere facilitates sustainable market development.

The rule of resource allocation is: “Do The Right Thing The Right Way”

Doing the right thing the right way is easy.

Change agents will be recognised.

Change agents are young, educated and noospherical!

Business Management

Business risks are many.

In dealing with opportunities/problems act fast.

Operations structure and system to leverage people skills and experience.

Web based operating infrastructure to leverage resources and lower overheads.

Business strategy and public policy should be designed to suit the natural market opportunity.

The opportunity for change is available. The time is now.

Action begins now. Ground laid (technology, public policy, consumer trend). GRI here to stay.


Everything’s gonna be alright! (if you make a change)

Rewards of choosing sustainable consumption options are great.