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(Photos of the site here - aerial and views.)

(Letter of encouragement from Jonathan Dawson, Head of Global Ecovillage Network Europe here.)

A unique community for people who want a low impact, high quality lifestyle. Set in the Irish countryside, with views of the Slaney valley and the Blackstairs Mountains, we are creating a natural, sustainable community, and invite you to join us.

Our low-impact build objectives are zero-carbon; self-sufficiency in energy and water; and self-management of waste. The approach imitates nature in unit design, facilities, layout, infrastructure, living conditions and lifestyle.The village will have up to 30 homes on 30 acres, and you can choose between ready-built and self-build.

High tech home design follows biomimicry and the Precepts of Ecological Design. Post and beam construction is the principal technology with thick walls, wide overhangs and utility greenhouse.  Living areas to the south and utility areas to the north. Natural build like straw, earth and timber are available too.

Leaning on Buckminster Fuller dymaxion design, homes offer independent space as well as sharing interdependent community infrastructure, like micro-solar, -wind and -hydro power. Homes are comfortable and easy to maintain with low-energy appliances, water saving utilities and living system waste management. Equipped with good IT connections, professional work and global communication can be pursued on site.


It is a friendly community for young and old alike. While residents of our community will enjoy the privacy of their homes, there are no walls between houses; homes are separated naturally by hedgerows, trees and gardens.

Organic fruit and vegetable gardens, poultry, apiary, orchards and woodland provide fresh food, biofuel and timber. A small lake and paddock add to the diversity of life.  And it is a short walk from a nature club in ancient woodland.

There is also an IT and entertainment centre, library, trading post, children's play area, sports area, art centre, wood, metal and mechanics workshop and learning centre based on Pestalozzi's principles of "hands, head, heart".

If you would like to be involved in the design and development of this vision or if you would like to live here, please call Tom on +353 59 9155037 or 020 8133 7898 or skype astraeanet or email info AT astraea DOT net.  We welcome your interest, questions or comments.

Space will be released on a first come first served basis.  To add yourself to the list of people interested in living here, please send us an email with your name, address, telephones and any other relevant information you would like (such as your desired size and kind of home, profession, interest).  You are under no obligations.

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Telephone:     +353 59 6477033  or + 353 86 8179238
Skype:             astraeanet  
Email:               info @ astraea.net
Post:                Ballin Temple, Ardattin, Carlow, Ireland

Media Information 23 July 2008

Aerial view of the site here.

Letter of encouragement from Jonathan Dawson, Head of Global Ecovillage Network Europe here.

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