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We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thought. With our thoughts, we make our world.

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About Pam and Tom

Pam moved from a liberal arts background to become an event organiser and human resources executive in the banking industry. With two young children and an international relocation she adjusted her career to include children and part-time editor for an art & culture magazine. She has since gained a diploma in journalism and is a director of a children's educational charity managing the charity in Ireland and publishing the international newsletter. Doing yoga since 1993, she became a qualified teacher in 1999 and has been teaching in the community ever since. Her sports and nutrition training in university is also now applied to residential courses and lifestyle training.

(Read a bit more about Pam here.)

Tom has a degree in Finance from Wharton, USA and an MBA from The International Institute of Management Development, Switzerland. He has many years' experience in investment banking, venture capital, business start-up, business turnaround, due diligence, management, and professional training. Today he pursues several parallel careers: He is an organic-certified horticulturalist and manages a mixed use sustainably-managed estate in Ireland, a web designer and manager, a highly participative father of 4 who enjoys mountain biking through the woods, an investment and business advisor as well as a transformation coach. 

(Read a bit more about Tom here.)

Between them, Tom and Pam have lived in Antigonish, Athens, Bangkok, Carlow, Hong Kong, Lausanne, London, Philadelphia, and Quebec and have traveled extensively in Asia, Europe and North America. They speak English and French, and the next generation is fluent in Irish and learning German at school. These relocations and all they involve uprooting, culture shock, packing and unpacking, social establishment, schools, city versus country living provide valuable insight to those thinking of making significant changes. Those seeking to make more specific changes such as business start-up or healthy living benefit from their professional experience.

Finally, being quite different in their original backgrounds, genders, and careers they offer different perspectives (X and Y) and share the challenges of compromise required in change and development.

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