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We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thought. With our thoughts, we make our world.

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Holonics - An Introduction

Holonics is a descriptor for enlightened being.

Holonics is at the frontier of the emerging Theory of Everything which interconnects and balances multiple scientific perspectives, including atomic physics, nanotechnology, biology and genetics, psychology and more.  Its theoretical and empirical foundation, normally defined within psychology, has emerged from parallel histories and sciences including spiral dynamics and noosphere models, yoga and chakra science, spiritual and philosophical sciences.

In A Nutshell

Human behaviour is driven by what motivates. Humanity is distinguished by its intelligence which results in a more sophisticated decision making process than in other life. Intelligence opens the range of motivations from purely physiological needs of survival to a range of higher levels of thinking.

In life, intelligence starts with the independent thought for self preservation.   Intelligence emerges with survival as the primary objective. As this is satisfied relationships become valued more. As needs are satisfied other values emerge like a demand for power and control, for purpose, for organisation, and even for sharing.  This development can be seen clearly in children, although not all of us develop the later values as much as the earlier ones.

Table: Emerging value/needs of intelligent systems.

Instinctive/ Survival

Animistic/ Relationship

Egocentric/ Self-esteem

Authority/ Transformation

Strategic/ Internal Cohesion

Consensus/ External cohesion

Food, water, procreation, warmth, protection, staying alive

Rites, rituals, taboos, superstitions, tribes, folk ways and lore

Gratification, glitz, conquest, action, impulsive, live for the moment

Meaning, discipline, traditions, morality, rules, live for later

Materialistic, consumerism, success, image, status, growth

Egalitarian, feelings, sharing, caring, community

Pursuit of profit - financial soundness, employee health and safety. (exploitation, over control)

Relationships for the organisation - good communication between employees, customers, suppliers. (Manipulation, blame)

High performance systems - productivity, efficiency, quality, professional growth. (Bureaucracy, complacency)

Continuous renewal and learning - adaptability, innovation, teamwork. (Exclusion)

Development of cohesive culture - commitment, enthusiasm, shared values. (Exclusivity)

Strategic Alliances - employee fulfilment, community involvement. (Exclusivity)

Human values and behaviour may be categorised as of two principal types: self-recognising and not so.  The mindsets described above are introspective - they focus on self.  Enlightenment occurs when a being considers itself part of something bigger and sees itself.  As Socrates states life's objective: "know thyself".

But it is a leap of thinking to be comfortable to recognise these different approaches to life. And a real challenge to integrate these needs: needs for organisation, survival, purpose, power and sharing. Integral behaviour.

And once that capacity is managed to compound the sophistication of personal and group value and action management in a seemingly chaotic complexity, which in fact is comfortably balanced. Holonic being.

Table: Emerging value/need profiles reflecting spiral dynamics models, consciousness models and chakra models.

Integral/ Service

Holonic Being

Natural systems, self principle, multiple realities, knowledge

Collective individualism, cosmic spirituality, earth changes

Service to Humanity - ethics, social responsibility, future generations, cooperation.

Natural interdependence- holarchy not hierarchy.

Not hierarchy, but holarchy. Not holistic, but holonic.

A Picture

To illustrate the widely different perspectives, imagine having an argument. It is a heated argument in which you are comfortable that you know you are right. Normally that is our perspective. And our complex consideration of the world we live in is put together in a sophisticated way which gets us through the day. Complex as it is, we consider it as one way. It's our personal picture of the world. A singular perspective.

When one is thinking integrally or holonically, one allows for more than one correct answer. Two people arguing vehemently can both be right.

One might say that the former exclusive mindsets are similar to looking at a tree up close, and the inclusive mindsets (integrating different perspectives) is like seeing the trees up close and also the wood ... or woods.

Simply Put

There are 2 (appropriately zen) rules for holonic being.

Everyone is right.

There are no rules.

Theory of Everything

At the frontier of atomic physics we investigate the smallest item of matter. At the sub-atomic level the difference between matter and energy is indistinguishable. The interconnectedness between matter and spirit becomes empirical.

Astrophysics is exploring the outlet of black holes, which appear to exist. The flow of energy is toroid shaped. This shape has other universal properties. It is also the shape of the electromagnetic field created by a beating heart.

Cloning technology and genetically engineered plants are becoming necessities of industrial agriculture. Renewable energy is commercial.

And more.

The basic organisation of life is described along the following dimensions.

Space- Time





This chart is adapted from Ken Wilbur's Theory of Everything and it is an excellent place to start.

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know thyself - Socrates