In 1998, facing a world in which leadership seemed to have a spinning moral compass, I wanted to know if we could balance ethics and environment with economic demands.

Researching investments
in India 1994





 Researching a mining business
in Vietnam 1995




 The new adventure



Discussing Common Sense
with Pesident Higgins, 2015

President Higgins and Common Sense


As a manager investing millions of dollars in private companies I was constantly analysing commercial opportunities and economic conditions and felt an ethical responsibility to be fair to the people whose money I was investing, to the entrepreneurs whose businesses I backed and to the communities affected by the money flows I influenced.  I reasoned that if people like me had the wits and morality for which we were paid, the world should be a much happier place for everyone, after all it is clearly not a question of knowhow since we had space age technology.  But what I saw was a feudal pyramid of power with most people bound in work or social situations which deprive them of dignity.  And if people like me, influencing the allocation of money, were moral we should be making teh world a better place, not hogging all the gold.  My mission was to research and share technology for positive change.

Technology, or knowhow, makes civilisation.  Astræa was set up in 1999 as a "technology, teaching and training" enterprise to make the world a better place.

First, I looked for answers.  I found that you can balance ethics, environment and economics.  An important part of the solution is challenging your own preconceptions and adopting an inclusive perspective.  This is not new.  It is the essence of the Golden Rule: "Do to others as you would have others do to you."  But that is not easy to do when we are trained to follow mantra and tradition which focuses on differences between US and THEM. So what people need in order to fulfill the promise of humanity is understanding, which comes with education.  Clearly not the kind of education manifested by mantra and tradition, but the kind of education that comes from experience, challenging one's own assumptions and finding answers.

That is the approach we take.  We challenge your assumptions, encourage you to find answers and offer experiences that help you grow.  This enables you to live, work and play to your full potential.

We help people and organisations thrive by liberating individual and collective potential.  Using a big picture approach, linking diverse aspects of life, we help you find your mojo and excel beyond expectations to make the world a better place.

We offer:

    • Proven technology which improves vitality of people and organisations. Holonic technology and sustainable solutions underpin all our work.

    • Advice and coaching for personal health and business success - they are connected!

    • Business advice for starting up, developing or expanding. Special situations are catered for, such as turn-around or succession.  We offer integrated analysis, including financial, operational and market critique, to inform strategic direction, operational priorities, risks and enterprise value enhancement.

    • Particular experience in with family enterprise issues, where family, ownership and management merge.

    • Access to a private retreat in a nature sanctuary.


We blog The Big Picture offering insight to global trends of system change.

Common Sense is our story of answering the challenge to balance economics, ethics and environment.  It is a well referenced, comprehensive perspective on the renaissance of human behaviour emerging today.  Links and endnotes allow the reader to quickly explore leading "big picture" technologies.