The laws of existence are universal.  They are the laws of nature.

It is necessary for humankind to operate within the laws of nature, for survival and success.

Even without ethics, aligning yourself with the laws of nature improves performance.

We work to understand the laws of nature and thereby improve systems to optimise sustainability for humankind and happiness for people.

Global systems demand sustainable design.

Businesses prioritising sustainable, ethical solutions are often in the fastest growing markets such as organic food, alternative energy, low emission paints and chemicals, complimentary medicine, etc.  Innovative companies are almost always tending to a more sustainable market disruption than incumbent technologies.

Individuals and organisations that adopt globally responsible behaviour tend to perform better.

In the case of individuals that means enjoying life and living longer.

In the case of organisations it means better financial performance and happier stakeholders.

The technology behind Astræa is continually evolving together with humanity's rapidly changing world. It came together against a background of understanding many technologies (from biology to economics to geography to philosophy etc.), an opportunity to learn from historical experience and an efficient infrastructure to store and disseminate ideas. This phenomenon of understanding is increasingly available to all people (especially people that have access to a computer or media device - who also account for the majority of human economic activity).


Article: Sustainability is common sense.

To get the personal perspective on why we started along this path, the birth of Astraea is described in the first chapter of Common Sense - Do The Right Thing The Right Way.  RTE Nationwide produced a segment on that back-story which adds some colour.