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We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thought. With our thoughts, we make our world.

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Make A Difference!

We complain that the world is not right, is not good enough. The systems are wrong. But isn't that the same old attitude?

In fact, everything we need to change is here. We are already changing the human world. And we can do more. (For reference, two books – Make A Difference (MAD) and MAD 2, offer hundreds of commonplace changes to your lifestyle that really make a difference to our world. (... like turning off lights!)

Here are five changes that you can make which make a huge difference:

  • Stop (or reduce) eating meat. As well as the ethical reasons for doing so, the production of beef has a planetray footprint 6 times as big as that for vegetable production.

  • Eat organic and local. As well as proven nutritional and taste beenfits, it reduces pollution around the world and keeps communities alive.

  • Change your use of transportation. Get a diesel, convert it to vegetable oil capability (~$ 2,000) and stock up on vegetable oil – it pays for itself in 2 years and is a renewable fuel.

  • Travel less. Use computers and telephones for business. When you do travel – go for longer and slower to enjoy the journey, time with friends and reduce stress of disclocation.

  • Be with friends. When you travel, stay and eat with friends – it reduces the demand for hotels and restaurants which duplicate private capacity. You will develop more meaningful relationships by sharing space with family and friends, as well as saving money.

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