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The Global Values Monitor is an instrument to survey and measure the "Values Mix" present in either an organisation, a region or a country.

The method of collection is very simple and can be either through self completion of a simple questionnaire or by collection of the survey data by researchers where the respondents are not able to complete the form adequately. In organisations the information can be collected electronically. Data will be updated using an existing computer program specially developed for this purpose.

The data is shown as a continuous line with peaks and valleys indicating the "mix" of Values Systems in a particular organisation, country or region. An example of the type of profile obtained is shown in the illustration below. The information collected can be used as a management tool by politicians, managers and individuals in order to better understand the "values system dynamics" of a particular organisation or country. The Global Values Monitor will be used in a similar way to the World Competitiveness Report but will indicate the types of Value Systems present and the required approach for positive economic, social, political and other related improvements to be made within the surveyed area / region.

Value Systems Mosaic

Lester C. Thurow - Former Dean: MIT Sloan School of Management expresses the view that, "We are entering an era of organisational change as profound and as pervasive as that caused by the Industrial Revolution. Just as in that time, the survivors will be the companies that invent and embrace the entirely new possibilities brought on by technological, social and economic change."

The Global Values Monitor will be fully available to Founding Partners with varying levels of information available to other levels of participant in GlobalValuesNetwork.com

Location of main offices Dallas and Cape Town:
The main offices for the Global Values Network are situated in Cape Town and Dallas. The GVN website is administered and run from Cape Town with the Dallas office of the Institute for Values & Culture providing additional administrative input and member services.

The major regions are as follows:
North America, South America, EU & Eastern Europe, Russia & Central Asia, East Asia, the Indian sub-continent & South East Asia, Middle East, Oceania and Africa.

Regional Map

Within the major regions there are sub-regional / country splits based on natural groupings. It will therefore be possible to provide regional and country information for the Global Values Monitor. Regional Partners are to be selected on the basis of their capacity to add value to the GVM process at both the regional and global levels.

Special Surveys & Other Products
In addition to the Global Values Monitor special surveys will be conducted on a regular basis such as the Peace & Conflict Monitor as well as other Values products being available.

To view an example of the results of the latest open WorldSCAN Survey on the Global Values Monitor website click here. If you wish to complete the current WorldSCAN Survey on the free GVN Website go to the GVN Home Page and click on the WorldSCAN Survey button.

For more detailed information on the WorldSCAN Survey range of products contact them directly on info@globalvaluesnetwork.com

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