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We are what we think.
All that we are arises with our thought.
With our thoughts, we make our world.

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Organising Codes and Principles - The Psychosocial DNA

Survival Band

Instinct Driven
- herd like behaviour
- strong members protect   weaker ones
- group bands together
- movements determined by   weather and food & water   availability

Tribal Order

Safety Driven
- circular tribal structure
- led by elder(s), shaman   or chief
- roles determined by   kinship, sex, age,   strength
- ways of tribe are sacred   and rigidly preserved
- demand obedience in   leader(s)
- power-oriented --   strongest survive
- most powerful makes   decision
- Big Boss directs Working   Bosses who drive masses
- communication downward   only

Exploitive Empire

Power Driven

Authority Structure

Order Driven
- rigid rules for structure   and rank
- person with appropriate   position power makes   decision
- divine authority speaks   through secular authority
- communication downward   and horizontally accross   classes
- people stay in their   rightfull places
- bureaucratic and status-
- person with delegated   authority makes decisions
- distribution of specific   amount of responsibility
- communication up, down   and accross

Strategic Enterprise

Success Driven

Social Network

People Driven
- organisation of equals for   mutual benefit
- little concern for status or   privilege
- the 'people' make   decisions as a group
- frequent communication   in all directions
- emphasis on consensus,   sensitivity to feelings and   human needs
- structure according to   task at hand
- project centered with   changing 'functional'   leadership
- competent person makes   the decisions
- communication only as   needed

Systematic Flow

Process Oriented

Holistic Organism

Synthesis Oriented
 (Currently Evolving)

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