Using the website

This website offers a repository of technology related to personal and business development and transformation, much of which we employ to help people change their personal and work lives. 

We advocate and employ the technologies discussed, so, if you take the time, you can research and understand these ideas and implement them yourself for free.  As a rule, the technology is open and free because that is the only way enlightened ideas can be shared widely and quickly enough to enable humanity's cognitive and emotional intelligence to catch up with the space age technology (from cars to washing machines to mobile media devices) that we wield everyday.

Although the technology might be free (or delivered at low cost) it is fair to be compensated for our time, so we will charge for our servies. We can certainly help you acquire the technology and more quickly than you can on your own.  We believe that our engagement pays for itself very quickly, sometimes before our service has even finished.

The Services section outlines what we can do to help you and your business.

The Yoga section focusses on yoga.  It deserves a special section because it is an ancient approach to "right living", is appropriately founded on the prinicple of unity and has become popular among many western leaders of business, art and politics.

The Holonics section discusses key technology related to big picture thinking.

The Blog is where we share new ideas or perspectives on an regular basis, highlighting issues pertinent to gauging the progress of humanity's enlightenment as it moves from exclusive thinking to inclusive thinking.  Please sign-up to get blog posts by email on the blog page.

World News is where you can get a quick summary of daily world news headlines.  It takes us less than a minute to see what's going on in the world to see if it's a good day or not.  It's were we go to first thing in the day when we go on-line.

How the website happened

The rationale behind Astraea was years in the making. Slips of paper with ideas scrawled across them and sitting in files at the bottom of boxes. Scraps of articles bundled together from many sources: Books and discussions at schools, from movies, music and art, from experiences doing business in North America, Europe and Asia, from living with people from all kinds of backgroun - people of different colours, shapes, sizes and ages, many beliefs, rich and poor - a rainbow mosaic of human nature.  So many ideas all piling up in an amorphous mass of knowledge and emotion saying "do the right thing, the right way".

And then the internet arrived and allows us to share our scraps of knowledge, so the ideas found a release, here on this website.

Originally, we put together a "data dump", a "pile of information", to try to help people to see a whole picture of the human world and how it sits within the natural world.  That was our original Big Picture Story, archived here.  There were enough ideas to to reveal a complete picture in the mind's eye of where humanity is, where it has come from and where it may choose to go. That showed great opportunities, but also revealed dangers related to the deteriorating biosphere and stagnant human consciousness.

Back then, at the turn of the millenium, our thoughts were just drops lost in the river of human thought.  But, increasingly awareness is growing that humanity can emerge from dark, medieval, feudal views of power to an enlightened view of humanity as an integral part of universal nature.  And more people are taking responsibility of their consumption and investment choices which affect everything around us from lifestyle, to family, to work to the dynamics and infrastructure of human society.

Now, rather than share ideas which are increasingly accessible all over the internet, the site discusses some of the core holonic ideas which we specialise in and outlines the ways we can help you change your thinking and behaviour to fulfil your human potential. is more than a presentation of ideas. We are part of a growing community of people who see the opportunities of whole system emergence. If you have empathy with this state of mind you will be comfrotable engaging with Astraea. We hope you enjoy and benefit from this resource.  Please browse  Most people find something intense, interesting or thought provoking.  We hope you do too.